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Britain is a temperate island famed for its shitty weather. In reality, it does as well as most of Northern Europe but the British are far better at complaining about the weather than anyone else so the cliche lives on. Scotland and the north get the worst of the bad weather, a fact that the southerners never fail to rub in. Britain is perhaps at its best during the long summer days of June and July when it stays light until around 10 at night. If the weather is good then it’s a great time to go walking in the country or find a good pub garden somewhere. In August there’s occasionally a three day heatwave and then, guess what, the British start complaining about the heat. Autumn can be magical with plenty of falling leaves, crackling underfoot and climaxing with Guy Fawkes Day on November the 5th, when families

terrorise household pets by letting off missiles in their back gardens. The organised displays are awesome though. Winter is long, dark and miserbable, unless of course you like being cold, wet and deprived of sunlight. It starts in November and reluctantly releases its grip in March, though snow can still fall in northern parts of the country. Ne’er cast a clout til May is out’ goes the old saying – or in English, don’t take off your coat until June.



There are literally thousands of world-class attractions and events in Britain. You can enjoy British cuisine at a mouth-watering food fair, amuse the family at a top theme park, dance in the streets at a Caribbean carnival, or simply soak up British heritage at a historic castle. Wherever you go in Britain, you’ll find non-stop entertainment of every type.

Main tourist spots worth visiting are :

Castle Keep and New Castle
City/Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Originally known as Monkchester, Newcastle only got its present name when Robert Curthose, son of the infamous William the Conqueror, built his ' New Castle ' on the site of the Roman Fort, Pons Aelius in 1080. Used as a point of defense, the Castle was originally built of wood and timber, but was later rebuilt in stone and today, visitors can explore the remains of the Castle, as well as the Castle Keep built later on the same site by Henry II.

Madame Tussaud's
City/Region: London

Madame Tussaud's is the most famous wax museum gallery in

Duration: 3 nights & 4 days

the world, with more than 400 life-sized models of stars, famous politicians, royals and sportsmen, as well as the most infamous criminals the world has known. Inside the Museum the 'Spirit of London' ride will take you through the city's history, introducing you to those figures that have shaped the London of today, while The Chamber of Horrors challenges visitors to enter and be terrified. Also at the site is Tussaud's Auditorium, one of the biggest in the world, ready to amaze visitors with its views of the universe.

The Tower of London
City/Region: London
The Tower of London is perhaps as famous for its traditions as its imposing structure. It is guarded by a special band of Yeoman Warders, known as Beefeaters, and dotted with several large, black birds - the Ravens. Legend has it that if the Ravens ever leave the Tower, a great tragedy will befall England , and to this day the birds are protected by Royal decree. The Tower's history dates back to the 11th century, and each new Monarch has played a role in its growth and development. It also houses Britain 's crown jewels, a spectacular display of some of the world's finest gems and workmanship. The Tower is next to Tower Bridge , another famous London Landmark.

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